Girls’ varsity soccer, playing with heart


Filled with joy after winning the state championships, the GRHS girls soccer team has much to be proud of.

by Max Marcilla, Sports Feature Writer

The Glen Rock Girls’ Soccer team has won the state championship: they had a very special team, loaded with great scorers and great defensive players. Assistant Coach Christopher Fox noticed all this before the season even started.

I asked Coach Fox when he realized that this year’s team had the potential to go all the way. He said, “I knew right from day one. These girls have been playing soccer since they were kids, and have great teamwork. You can tell that [the team] is special by looking at the drive and motivation of the team. When you have girls like these, you get a feeling.”

The Lady Panthers finished off their 23-1 season, with a 4-0 win in the state championship against Bordentown High School. I talked to Coach Fox about the emotions during that day.

“We were all nervous,” he said, “but that’s expected, especially being on the big stage, but when you cross the white lines and step on the field, that stuff has to go away.”

The Panthers obviously did care, as they played with heart and pride throughout the whole season. And when the clock showed all zeros, the emotions were overwhelming.

“Everyone was crying… crying tears of joy,” Coach Fox said.

For the seniors, the joy may have been greater than for anyone else. After years of hard work to make the Glen Rock Soccer Program a noticeable one, they pulled off the ultimate goal, the state championship. Led by Head Coach Tracy Trobiano, the girls finished a spectacular season with the highest of honors.

“I have never seen a harder working group of seniors,” Coach Fox cited with a smile on his face. “They are dedicated, they have great chemistry, but best of all they are leaders.”

And overall, that is what the Glen Rock Panthers were throughout this whole season: leaders.