The Consequences of Over-Spending

Frank Connor questions Government spending and suggests solutions to the current debt crisis.

Frank Connor questions Government spending and suggests solutions to the current debt crisis.

by Frank Connor, Op-Ed Writer

Our country, over the past four years, has been out of control in regards to spending. Our nation currently spends over $1.1 trillion more than it takes in. The reason behind this is the existence of bloated federal bureaucracies such as the EPA, No Child Left Behind, and outrageous entitlement spending (such as social security, welfare, Medicare, and Medicaid).   These programs are what will drive this country into a state of bankruptcy. These troubles today have been perpetuated by the government for nearly 100 years. This attitude has, in recent years, driven our economy into shambles, unemployment has reached heights exceeding that of the great depression (if calculated the same way) and has improved extremely little. Why then do we continue on this track?

Democrats in the government encourage this out-of-control spending that endangers the safety of our nation and Republicans don’t seem to have the guts to propose a plan that will stop it. Democrats say they plan to make the economy better by raising taxes and continuing to spend wastefully. Yet this is the worst possible solution. The raised taxes will continue to strangle our economy and would decrease Federal revenue. The high spending would not be met by any additional revenue and drag us further into debt. This would eventually end in the destruction of our great nation.

In order to avoid what will ultimately lead to destruction, the government must make a few drastic changes. They must cut out wasteful bureaucracies all together such as the EPA and the Department of Education (which is spending through the roof and yet provides most Americans with absolutely nothing). The post office must be sold as it bleeds billions of taxpayer dollars and leaves us with poorer and, in many cases, more expensive service than that of FED-EX. Entitlement spending must be slashed to as little as possible. Few realize it but Entitlement spending costs our nation in excess of one-trillion-dollars per year — this includes things like Welfare, Medicare, and Medicaid. These Socialist programs drag down our nation and our people. They cost trillions and show no evidence of working. There are more people on welfare today than ever. It increases people’s dependencies on the government and allows people to get away with not working.

These policies of overspending and of government growth are perhaps the greatest dangers to our nation. As Lincoln said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” These policies of overspending could very well result in destruction from within.