Ed Sheeran: A Musical Prodigy Sheering Off-Course


Providing listeners to melodious tunes with meaningful lyrics, Ed Sheeran has surprised many with his sudden rise to fame.

by Anna Lis, Staff Writer

I have been an avid fan of Ed Sheeran since November of 2011 when I first heard one of his more obscure songs. Since then, I’ve fallen into a deep ginger-daze. Many regard Ed Sheeran as sudden star, with most of his popularity stemming from his friendship with the popular boy band One Direction. I believe, however, that he has what it takes to stay in the industry for a long time and will continue to deliver and surprise his fans. Singing and writing his entire album, Sheeran brings a very progressive voice to the rap and popualr music scene.

Ed (21-years-of-age) has been working in the music industry since he was a teenager; he dropped out of school at age 16 and has been working ever since. To get to the top, he’s been playing around 300 gigs a year and slinging CDs on the street. He continues to be himself and refuses to change despite pressure from his management.

Sheeran’s album ‘+’ has made it to the top charts in most European countries and continues to climb the charts all over the world. The current “hit single” off his album is the The A-Team. This song is written about a woman he met while preforming at a woman’s shelter. Most of his songs on the album have a glaringly obvious message about life. Ed does not only perform the vocals, but he also plays guitar and works the loop pedal to make his songs. (The loop pedal allows him to record himself, play it back, and layer different sounds.)

All of these characteristics allow for Ed Sheeran to bring something completely new to the music scene. I expect many will mimic the singer’s unique style, and he will be around for quite sometime.