Walking the Floors of New York Comic Con


Striking a pose, these cosplaying Comic Con goers are just a few of the over-100,000 attendees at 2012’s New York’s Comic Convention. Since 2006, NYCC has been a mainstay of fiction lovers across the country.

by Jonathan Spielman, Staff Writer

The 2012 New York Comic Con sold out of tickets for its 5-day run at Manhattan’s Javits Center before it opened its doors. This event has been taking place since 2006; it is fairly new but, nevertheless, 116,000 people were stoked by the energy given off from the festive atmosphere of comics and cosplaying (dressing up as your favorite super hero). The event is based on dressing up, trying out new video games, and checking out comics, but it still catches the eye of so-called normal people.

The question may be: why so many people are attached to such an event? It’s because NYCC holds more than just comics. For instance, all the big names in video games were in attendance: Nintendo, Square Enix, Playstation, and Microsoft all promoted their new merchandise and, of course, newly release (and soon to be released) video games were playable on the conference floor. Certain games that drew massive amounts of attention were the new Tomb Raider, Square Enix’s Ni No Kuni, and Microsoft’s upcoming addition to the Just Dance franchise.

For those who are not into video games there is the Artist Alley, where the different artists showcased their wonderful pieces of comic art. Throughout the day there are educational and informational panels, short talks about new technology coming out or featuring a famous person from cinema, animation, or video games. The primary panel this year featured AMC’s The Walking Dead.

I was there, too, but I was not walking around. I was working at a booth (Loaded Barrel Studios), and we were promoting our Independent Publisher Award book Grey. The story features a New York cop that moves to the country side to settle down with his family. Throughout his stay there are a series of exterrestrial type murders, so the cop may or may not have a alien on his hands.