Francesca Brick Oven Pizza & Pasta: A Restaurant Critique


by Raquel Lesser, Food Critic

Fresh from the brick oven, Francesca’s knows how to make a mouth-watering pizza. This brick oven pizza and pasta restaurant is located right in Glen Rock and unquestionably offers a scrumptious a treat.  While my first response to the decor of the restaurant was that it was a family-friendly restaurant, it’s also a great place for teens to hangout.

The first thing I ordered was the Papa’s Pasta. The pasta may take longer to arrive than the pizza but it’s worth the wait. The pasta, placed delicately in a bowl covered with olive oil, is topped with ripe cherry tomatoes, drizzled with garlic, and sprinkled with basil and pepper. I twirled the fork as if I was tightening a rope on a pole and placed the pasta in my mouth. It was perfecto. The taste, the texture, just about everything about it was such a pleasure.

The next dish I appraised was the Margherita pizza. I took a bite out of the pizza and, as I masticated, I considered how a slice of cheese pizza could be so delectable. I could taste the soft melting mozzarella (covered with basil). Suffice to say, even the crust was inhaled within a second.

The next dish I savored was the Grandma Pizza. This square, Sicilian-style piece of pizza was a delicacy. As I took a bite I could taste the stretchy devouring cheese and the tingle of the tomato sauce, and I can’t forget that terrific crunch.

I came back for a second time to critique this restaurant when I realized that I hadn’t tried any appetizers.  Fried ravioli and mozzarella sticks were on the menu this visit.  The fried ravioli was a crispy golden color and the cheese crumbled in my mouth. The mozzarella sticks were mouth-watering, dipped in a  tomato sauce that made the appetizer complete.

Francesca’s has reasonable prices and food worth talking about. If that isn’t enough than I don’t know what is?

234 Rock Road
Glen Rock, NJ 07452