Pink Panthers bring awareness


Photo Credit: David Merkle

Kelli Caporoso showing her Pink Panther pride

by Sara LoPiccolo, In-School Events Editor

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness month! As we welcome October to the school year, we see swatches of pink plastering the hallways. In mass media, the NFL helps to raise awareness in October by making things on their websites and advertisements pink, and the players will wear pink equipment during the games. To help raise awareness, the Tennis, Volleyball, and Cheerleading teams are doing a lot of things around the school.

Both levels of the Tennis team have sold over 60 pink shirts and had a ‘pink-out’ on Monday, the 15th. The Tennis Coach, Mrs. Zimmerman, says that it’s “Pink Panther Pride.” Additionally, the Volleyball team (led by Coaches Kingsley and Wnorowski) has been selling pink bracelets and wearing pink shirts.

Although the NBCAM (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) is in the public eye during October, they work towards raising money throughout the year. There are several walks for a cure. The first “Race for a Cure” was October 1983 in Dallas, Texas, and October has been National Breast Cancer Awareness Month ever since. Today, there are plenty of two day walks and some that go for 30 miles. The most well-recognized walk is the three day Susan G. Komen walk. There are many races and walks internationally, as well.

To learn more about Breast Cancer Awareness and how you can help visit  And remember: wear pink and support breast cancer research!