A surprise winner?

A surprise winner?

by Trevor LaVine, Staff Writer

Last night was the first presidential debate for the 2012 election. The two main candidates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, met in Colorado to discuss their viewpoints of various topics of contention. Not surprisingly, the number one issue was the economy. Nearly the entire debate was spent on tax plans, unemployment, etc.  A solid amount of time was also allotted to the candidate’s medicare plans as well, but their plans were largely the same, with Romney planning to tweak some parts of Obamacare while trying to keep it in the private sector.

To be honest, I went into this debate expecting Obama to demolish Romney. I had predicted that this would not be a very close race and that Obama would easily discredit and attack Romney’s plans.

Much to my surprise, it seemed that Romney came out ahead last night. Up until now, much about Romney had been unknown, except for what Obama’s campaign advertisements had claimed. Obama seemed unable to prepare specific counters to his plans. In addition, Romney finally gave his definitive strategies and called Obama out when he misrepresented Romney’s ideas.

Visually, to me, Obama seemed like he would prefer to be elsewhere during the debate, constantly scowling and looking down at his notes. Even when Romney spouted some dubious facts, Obama was unwilling or unable to call him out on his specious argument.

At the core, however, the choice between Romney and Obama is much like the choice between Brownies and Chocolate Cake. Neither may be very healthy for you.