Echo starts with a boom


Photo Credit: Eleanor Shaw

Additional days off have been approved by the Board of Education for March 24 and 28.

by Mr. Jason Toncic, Newspaper Adviser

The newsroom in Glen Rock HS is filled with commotion and energy as students and adviser alike prepare for the launch of The Glen Echo’s online portal. Discussed initially on September 5th during Period 4 Journalism, the class came to the majority decision that it would move from solely a print edition to a largely online based web domain.

First year newspaper adviser, Mr. Toncic, and the staff selected School Newspaper Online as the host for the future home of The Glen Echo; with many possibilities for layout and multimedia, the online option dynamically increases the breadth of topics the Journalism class can cover. Mr. Toncic commented, “Most classes meet in a closed room, but what we do is visible to the world. Our class, our newspaper staff, will take pride in their work because it represents who they are and what they’ve accomplished.”

The launch date is scheduled for early November with more details coming soon. The Glen Echo staff is currently at work establishing the budget, discussing advertising, and planning the launch of the website.