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2016-2017 Staff

Ben Sakac

Staff Photographer

Ben Sakac is a sophomore, plays hockey and also skis. He is interested in photography and is looking forward to capturing photographs for The Glen Echo.

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Dylaney Sabino

Staff Writer

Dylaney Sabino is currently a freshman at GRHS. Her favorite things to participate in are musical theatre, singing, reading (especially Harry Potter) and playing guitar. She loves to laugh and dance terribly...

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Abby Stern

Staff Writer

Abby Stern is 14 years old and a freshman at Glen Rock High School.  She loves to dance and act.  She has performed in over 10 dance performances and over 5 shows.  Her favorite subject is English and...

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Lillie Daschil

Staff Writer

Lillie Daschil is in 9th grade. She loves music, writing, and drawing. Her favorite season is Autumn, because of the beauty and enchantment it brings. She loves tigers, lions, and dogs. ...

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Christine Nappi

Staff Writer

Christine Nappi is 16 years old and a junior at Glen Rock High School. Christine plays softball, likes to write, and her favorite subjects in school are math and English. Her favorite colors are blue,...

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Daisy Tahan

Staff Writer

Daisy Tahan is 14 years old and in ninth grade. She likes animals, French fries, drawing, and hanging out with Alexa, Emma, and Lillie.

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Katherine Hikin

Staff Writer

Katherine Hikin is a sophomore at Glen Rock High School. She enjoys playing classical guitar and has been playing since the age of 6. Katherine often participates in guitar competitions and has performed...

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Diarra Smith

Staff Writer

Diarra Smith is a freshman at Glen Rock High School. She is a third year member in the 5678 Dance Company. Her interests include singing, dancing, writing, and staying active. She chose to partake in Journal...

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Nicole Settlow

Staff Writer

Nicole Settlow is 14 and is a freshman at the Glen Rock High School. She enjoys playing tennis and watching TV. She likes to shop and eat. Her favorite seasons are Winter, Fall, and Summer....

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Alexa Miceli

Staff Writer

Alexa Miceli is a freshman and is 15 years old. She loves her dog named Murphy. She enjoys Shake Shack and hanging out with Daisy, Lillie and Emma!

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Jordan Carr

Staff Writer

Jordan Carr is a freshman. She loves to cheer and dance. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family, watching Netflix, shopping and eating. Jordan's favorite foods are pizza and sushi. She also enjoys...

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Isis Kirkland

Staff Writer

Isis Kirkland is 14 years old, currently in 9th grade (freshman) at Glen Rock High School. Her interests include dancing, acting, writing, and watching Youtube videos. She is enrolled in a group called...

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Ian Stephenson

Sports Editor

Ian is currently a junior at Glen Rock High School. He plays lacrosse as an attackman and faceoff man for Glen Rock and NJ Empire. His favorite TV Shows are Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Saturday Night...

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Alyssa Kitz

Staff Writer

Alyssa Kitz is a freshman at Glen Rock High School. She enjoys playing lacrosse and baking. Her favorite treat to bake is triple fudge brownies. She is currently 14 and has two younger sisters. She likes...

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Janice Lee

Staff Writer

Janice Lee is a sophomore at Glen Rock High School. She does cross country and plays soccer during her free time. She has two brothers. Her favorite movie is Zootopia and her favorite subject is science....

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Emma Byrd

Staff Writer

Emma Byrd likes to eat jerk chicken wings. She is a freshman and is allergic to peanuts, treenuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, and eggs. She enjoys soccer and dance, and eating french fries and pizza. She ...

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Chloe Siohan

Staff Writer

Chloe Siohan is a freshman at Glen Rock High School. She is currently 14 years old and has a younger sister and a cat. She likes listening to Alternative music, watching horror movies, and seeing Broadway...

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Luke Brangaccio

Staff Writer

Luke Brangaccio is a junior at GRHS who is very excited to document all the interesting events around Glen Rock. His favorite subject in school is English while his least favorite is math, and he enjoys...

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Jenny DeStefano

Staff Writer

Jenny DeStefano is a freshman at Glen Rock High School, and she is a J.V. cheerleader. She loves cheer, dancing, writing, Netflix, and cats, and aspires to become a journalist. She is excited to enjoy...

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Ann Butler

Staff Writer

Ann Butler is a Junior, and this is her first year taking journalism. Ann has always been inspired by the following quote from Muhammad Ali, “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee...

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Patricia Whyte

Senior Staff Writer

Patricia Whyte is a senior. This is her second year writing for the Glen Echo and she’s super pumped about it.

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Olivia Traphagen

Twitter Manager

Olivia Traphagen is a junior at Glen Rock High School, and is a true bookworm at heart. This is her second time writing for the Glen Echo, and she is very excited to be here. Although she is a nerd, s...

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Caroline Griffin

Senior Staff Writer

Caroline Griffin is a senior staff writer on The Glen Echo and also a junior at Glen Rock High School. Aside from writing she participates as a varsity cheerleader for the high school football team. In a...

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Alethea Jadick

News Manager

Alethea Jadick, senior, has worked at The Glen Echo for two years. She enjoys running, exploring the outdoors, and traveling. After she graduates she is planning on studying business and communications. Email: jadicka1...

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Ben Solomon

Senior Staff Writer

Ben Solomon is a junior and a two-year veteran of The Glen Echo. He recently spent 5 weeks in Israel where he learned what falafel potato chips taste like. The majority of his wardrobe includes Star War...

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Catherine Bennett

Senior Staff Writer

Catherine Bennett is a sophomore and is taking Journalism for her second year. She enjoys running track, cross country, and theater. Catherine also has a 1 year-old Italian greyhound named Alfred. In her ...

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Kate Casey

Advertising and Business Manager

Kate Casey is a sophomore and taking Journalism for the second year. She attended a Investigative Reporting program at Boston University this summer and enjoys music, sleeping, thinking, and staring at ceilin...

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Sophie Ferreri

Snapchat Manager

Sophie Ferreri is a junior at Glen Rock High School and the Snapchat Manager for The Glen Echo. She has been dancing on a competitive team, Dance Theatre of New Jersey, for eight years. She works at Backyard...

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Michelle DeMaria

Facebook and Instagram Manager

Michelle DeMaria will be working with the Glen Echo for her second time this year. She is extremely excited to be managing the Instagram and Facebook accounts for the organization this time around. When...

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Githmie Goonatilleke

Copy Editor

Githmie is a junior and this is her third year writing for The Glen Echo. The only thing Githmie wants to say is "it ain't easy being cheesy." Email: [email protected]

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Julia Blando

Copy Editor

“It’s not a phase, mom,” 13 year old Julia said, with black ripped jeans, eyeliner to the brow, and plastic hair extensions.  Email: [email protected]

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Julia Rooney

Managing Editor

Julia Rooney is a senior at Glen Rock High School and the Managing Editor for The Glen Echo. She loves to write and has been writing for The Glen Echo for three years. In her free time Julia loves to sp...

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Colin Morrow


Colin Morrow is a senior at Glen Rock High School. He plays hockey and baseball and enjoys writing about sports. This is his third year of journalism. He will study communications at Syracuse University. Email:...

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Mr. Jason Toncic

Staff Adviser

Mr. Toncic has been the staff adviser of The Glen Echo over the last five years.  He also teaches English 10 and The Graphic Novel at the high school, and he is the freshmen boys' soccer coach. Email: toncicj@...

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