Pedestrians walk into danger


Photo Credit: Anastasia Zenkevich

Pedestrians get easily distracted by handheld devices causing them to be unaware of the surrounding danger.

by Anastasia Zenkevich, Staff Writer

Look both ways and put down your phone. Teenagers have become more likely to get into accidents while crossing the road because of distractions caused by handheld devices.

In the article, New Risks for Kids Crossing the Street by Jennifer Warner, “Researchers found 18% of teens treated at an urban emergency room for pedestrian accident injuries were using an electronic device when they were hit by a car while crossing the street.” Some people believe that texting while walking can be almost as fatal as texting while driving.

Tatyana Gelfand, a mother of four children, worries about the hold technology has on her children’s lives.

“It is almost impossible to get him away from his iPhone or laptop,” she said.

This obsession with technology does not leave teenagers even when they cross the street. Studies show that 18% of teenagers who were hit by cars were using an electronic device.

On Oct. 6, 2014, amateur photographer, Vincent Eng found himself at the scene of an accident. He had been walking to his car after dinner in Ridgewood with his family.

“I always have my camera but that was something I didn’t want to photograph,” he said.

There had been an accident. Witnesses stated that a couple began crossing the street when a bus turned and hit them, killing the man, and injuring the woman.

Many other accidents have occurred in our area.

Of all the accidents that occur with teenagers getting hit by a car 32% are because of jaywalking.”

In her article, Kelly Ebbels states that, in Glen Rock, a woman attempted to cross a street but was hit by a car. In April, a pedestrian died when he was struck by a car at Lincoln and Diamond Bridge avenues.

Various students at Glen Rock High School walk home, and many of these students enjoy the comfort of their phones while they walk.

“Texting while crossing the street and jaywalking is a very dangerous thing to do. It puts both the pedestrians and drivers at risk and it should be taken more seriously,” said a freshman at Glen Rock High School.