Pedestrians should use sidewalk.

There are pedestrians who favor using street over sidewalk. However, there are number of reasons why pedestrians should choose to use sidewalk instead of street.


The first and the most important reason why pedestrians should use sidewalk is that using street can lead to dangerous situations. Pedestrians using same street with vehicles such as car can increase the chance of accident. According to the National Complete Streets Coalition, there are increasing number of accidents in the place where there are no sidewalks. If there are sidewalks that pedestrians can use, chances of accident happening will reduce to half.

Jaywalking is the term that describes all illegal street-crossing by pedestrians which is one of the main causes for pedestrians’ accidents. Ignoring designated pedestrians’ pathways and walking on a street while there are vehicles on the street is included as jaywalking. This fact is suggesting that walking on street instead of available sidewalks can lead to serious conditions and hurt pedestrians.

Sidewalks are created on purpose. Pedestrians should use sidewalks if they are created for them so that the purpose of sidewalks can be kept. Also since using sidewalk instead of street when we are walking is a general rule, rule that is created should be followed. Therefore to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe, pedestrians should use sidewalks that are created for them instead of street that is created for vehicles.

When I walk through the street, there are many times that I have to wait and be careful because of the cars coming all over the place. However, when I use the sidewalk I don’t have to worry about that. There are only pedestrians on the sidewalk so I feel more safe and secure.

There is an argument written in Building Traffic Safety into Residential Developments that can support my opinion. It says that it is important to segregate pedestrians from vehicles in order to keep both safe therefore making good sidewalks is essential.The argument includes that nearly three-fifths people of whom that are killed by traffic accidents are died at night mostly because of walking on a street.

Some people argue that using sidewalks can also lead to dangerous situation because when people especially elder people fall down on the sidewalk, the injuries that they will get are not small. If that is one of the problem for using sidewalks, then we can try to fix the problem by focusing on making some good sidewalks so that pedestrians can be safe by using them.

If using sidewalk instead of street can reduce the number of accidents that pedestrians meet, we should use sidewalk instead of street when we are walking. There can be various reasonable reasons for preferring using street instead of sidewalk. However since safety should be the most important thing to consider about, pedestrians should be encouraged to use sidewalk.

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