Busy work is helpful for both teachers and students

The concept of busy work has been ingrained in schools since the beginning of time. Whether it’s homework or worksheets in class, even the best of teachers have been known to give out busy work. This is usually categorized as work that is used not as a tool for education, but rather to occupy time.

Although this may seem pointless, it helps student inflate their grades and keeps classes occupied

I have benefited quite a lot from getting my grades inflated by busy work. For instance, some of my teachers give very difficult exams with considerably low averages. In order to counteract such low grades, they give out worksheets and packets that are graded for the sheer purpose of inflating grade.

I’m going, to be honest, this work is annoying but in the long run, the boost for my grade was worth it.

Another purpose of busy work is keeping the class occupied in order to make the job easier for the substitute when the teacher is missing.

Busy work also helps cement the information the students need to learn. Repetition is a key learning aid because it helps transition a skill from the conscious to the subconscious. Through repetition, a skill is practiced and rehearsed over time and gradually becomes easier. As the student improves, they don’t need to think consciously about the skill, freeing up mental resources to learn new skills and concepts. Importantly, practice alone doesn’t make perfect — perfect practice makes perfect. Otherwise, bad habits will become ingrained.

So when we think the teacher has assigned us work that is repetitive and tedious, doing the work may, in fact, help cement the information in our minds.

After all let’s not forget that the student always has the option of not doing the work and taking the zero. This is of course only for the students who think the work has no value for them. However, if they do poorly on a test and have no cushion to fall back on that is completely their fault.

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