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April 26, 2018


Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish

A parent reads an article about Governor Phil Murphys promises to the state of New Jersey including the end to the PARCC test.

When Governor Christie changed the NJASK to the PARCC, he had the best intentions for students. He and other state legislators felt that the NJASK was too easy and wasn’t challenging students enough.

However, The PARCC itself may not be around in a year or two depending on if the State Board of Education and the special committees will have the ability to find a new a exam and get it made in time for testing.

The Governor and legislators will take their time to find the best possible testing option for the students of New Jersey.

With all types of technology being created and innovated with new ways to use it, testing will always be in a state of evolvement. When the PARCC was created it lept boundaries by moving away from paper and pencil testing. The PARCC also introduced high level forms of thinking that teachers liked and hope will continue throughout the course of other exams to come.

Time is now of the essence and who knows what test students will be taking in the years to come.

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