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April 26, 2018


Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish

Students enjoy lunch as they sit and talk with their friends in the cafeteria.

Technology and the modern world have finally caught up to standardized testing.

The test is able to run on all computers but there were some issues that surfaced during the first 2 years of the exam.

Computer glitches and technological difficulties would make students’ computers shut down or exit out of the test, sometimes losing all of their work completely. Students would be able to get right back to the test though with a little help from the teachers monitoring the test.

A major issue that had occurred during the second year of testing was when students logged into the test, they were met with blank screens un-fixable at that moment.

New Jersey has not been the only state plagued by technical difficulties. Tennessee, Alaska, Texas, Nevada, Minnesota, Kansas and Virginia are among the list of states that have experienced problems with their own online exams.

These glitches lead some states to scrap and abandon these tests and take time to integrate online testing to schools instead of rushing to get the test created in an absurd amount of time.

Although paper and pencil tests have been the most reliable form of testing with the only issues being a typo or a misprint and not a network being shut down for an entire day, computerized testing still has its advantages. Online testing uses no paper, is fast, easily graded, and costs less.

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