May 5, 2014

Daisy’s story

I never quite thought of myself as an outcast, rather I felt like more of a misfit. I had a group of friends: a group of Goths and loners and such. It wasn’t the best of times. My brother was out at college, and my parents were busy with work. I was alone. Then the worst came: my mother got sick from cancer. She passed away, leaving me more alone than ever. I had no one to guide me. I was also a victim of being bullied and teased by other teens.

I’ve come to realize that high school is just a little part of life.”

— Daisy

Now that I am older, things are much better. I have two wonderful sons and an amazing husband. I’ve come to realize that high school is just a little part of life. The important things to remember are to be yourself and feel good, to be kind to others to make yourself strong and unique, and to be a good friend.

The Facts about Daisy’s Story

Daisy was a misfit. The definition of a misfit is one who “fits badly.” Misfits usually have a group of people who don’t fit in in some sort of way, forming their own group. They are usually different than the mainstream.

Daisy, at the time, was going through a hard period. Her mother had lung cancer and passed away.  Cancer, according to The American Cancer Society, can be very hard on the family, affecting kids like Daisy. Death can make family members depressed and distant. It takes a while for people to get on their feet.

Luckily for Daisy, things did get better. She grew up to have a husband and children. There will always be good and bad in people’s lives; nothing is in black and white. She came to realize in life there is good and there is a life after high school and she also learned to appreciate herself.

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