Boosting business

May 30, 2018


Photo Credit: Barbra Mulholland

The Art City Studio booth at one of Glen Rock’s annual Fall Festivals. One way for Barb to market her artwork is through public showcases.

With her primary job in the advertising industry, Barbra uses her marketing skills to her advantage as an entrepreneur. By creating personalized social media accounts and a custom website for her company, Barbra manages to promote her business offerings across town. She also gains new customers through word-of-mouth, and promotional opportunities such as the annual Glen Rock Fall Festival in September.

Occasionally, Barb holds an art party in her home, inviting her professional friends to showcase many different art mediums. She supplies partygoers with her own pottery skill and knowledge, among the expertise of jewelry makers, painters, and more.

From Girl Scouts to Girls’ Night, Barbra expands Art City Studio’s reach further to different locations, where she teaches beginner and advanced ceramic students alike how to work with both bisqueware and clay.

One such student is GRHS sophomore Isis Kirkland, who attended Barbra’s classes for a few months after getting connected through Girl Scouts and her peer, Megan Mulholland. Kirkland gained her only ceramic experience to date through Barbra and enjoyed her intimate teaching style.

“The overall experience is just better with Barbra,” Kirkland said. “At a place like Color Me Mine, it’s more of a robotic thing, but Barbra genuinely cares about what you’re doing and how you do it. You can tell she’s really passionate about art.”

Photo Credit: Barbra Mulholland
A flyer for one of Barbra’s pottery showcases. Multiple times per year, Barbra invites her professional friends of different art mediums for one collective art showcase.

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