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Why standardized testing is flawed and must be reformed

by Yethmie Goonatilleke, Editor-In-Chief April 27, 2022

In the span of four days in March, the junior class sat through nearly six hours of standardized testing. The following week, a handful of juniors took the SAT —an additional three hours of testing....

Clue: A mystery behind the scenes

Clue: A mystery behind the scenes

by Neil Sahu, Social Media Manager April 27, 2022

The auditorium was quiet, less than 5 minutes before the show started. It was dark and the lights were dim. When the show had started the whole auditorium was silent. The stage lit up colors, and the cast...

Open the Music Doors!

by Katie Mae Yetter, Opinion Editor April 27, 2022

Glen Rock High School students are enraged about how abruptly the music doors were shut down. The halls became chaotic with the mixture of the 7 grades coming in from one entrance. The energy is completely...

Spring Travels

Spring Travels

by Cole Tennant, News Editor April 27, 2022

This year's spring break was very exciting due to the past two spring breaks being dampened by the pandemic. COVID-19 has finally started to clear up and we have been able to return back to normal life....

Wordle variations: the green, the yellow and the gray

by Cadia Warner, Feature Editor April 27, 2022

We’ve found ourselves in a Wordle craze. Some of us use it to kill free time while others are passionately addicted to it. We now live in a society where “What’s your starting word?” is our go-to...

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Consequences of COVID on Local Businesses

by Kevin Lederer, Editor-In-Chief April 4, 2022

During the pandemic, businesses had to shift their whole mode of operation. Companies worked around the clock to find ways to combat against COVID-19. Small businesses have struggled with the rising...

2 Alive: A long awaited album. But is it really worth listening to?

2 Alive: A long awaited album. But is it really worth listening to?

by Aarav Kochar, Sports Editor April 4, 2022

Ever since Noah Oliver Smith, more popularly known as Yeat, took off as a rapper in the summer of 2021, expectations and hype surround his name more and more as he starts to gain traction as one of the...

American Murder: A Creative and Original Documentary

American Murder: A Creative and Original Documentary

by Colin Magner, Layout Editor April 4, 2022

On Nov. 6, 2018, the world was shocked by a crime so heinous that it was given five life sentences.This was the day that Colorado resident Chris Watts pled guilty for the premeditated murder of his pregnant...

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Glen Rock hosts debate, first time in 2 years

by Cole Tennant, News Editor March 21, 2022

On March 3, 2022 the Glen Rock Debate Team hosted a debate at GRHS about water conservation. This is the first time in two years GRHS has hosted a large debate which included 7 other towns. These towns...

Sneak peak of the senior theme shots!

Seniors finalize theme shots

by Kevin Lederer, Editor-In-Chief December 1, 2021

This year Glen Rock High School seniors participated in annual ‘theme shots” for their yearbook. Theme shots are when the students dress up as people that they look similar to from famous shows and...

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