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‘Inception’ Movie Review

by Mikayla Kim, Staff Writer May 4, 2020

Dreaming can be a wonderful and terrifying experience at the same time. However, what if people used technology to invade one’s dream and implement ideas that one believes to be their own? Inception,...

North Korea From the Inside Out

by Mikayla Kim, Staff Writer May 4, 2020

Pursuing Better Opportunities in America

by Mikayla Kim, Staff Writer April 28, 2020

Some people come from places of oppression. Some people seek a better life. Some people yearn for the supposedly endless opportunities that the United States seems to offer. Although these immigrants are...

A woman waits on the Glen Rock-Main Line station’s platform, waiting to board the 8:33 a.m. Hoboken and New York bound 1706 train.

All Aboard the Glen Rock Express

by Mikayla Kim, Staff Writer January 15, 2020

Teachers need more education on suicide prevention

by Mikayla Kim, Staff Writer November 18, 2019

In February of 2007, Glen Rock High School senior Zachary Toskovich was found dead in the internal courtyard of Glen Rock High School. After texting and emailing his friends and family to say that he loved...

Kailyn Hess displays her EMT uniform with her dog. As a physical education and health teacher at the middle school, she aims to use her background as an emergency medical technician (EMT) to encourage younger generations to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Balancing emotions as an emergency medical technician (EMT)

by Mikayla Kim, Staff Writer October 17, 2019

Ambulance sirens filled the air with a warning. An alarm.  Emergency responders rushed out of the ambulance to the scene of the car accident, completely calm and collected. No emotions were apparent....

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