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Heroin can be consumed in multiple different ways. Each method has a different reaction time and will hit the brain and body differently. Heating heroin and injecting it into a vein is the easiest and fastest way to get high. Alleys, corners, and vacant lots in Paterson are cluttered with piles of needles. This method of injecting heroin is not only dangerous because of the speed at which the substance enters the body, but also because users are at risk of getting diseases from dirty needles.

Drug culture and a bursting bubble

by Alethea Jadick, News Manager April 20, 2017

Glen Rock High School was ranked 14th in the state in 2016. The impressive staff, safe setting, and ability to take Advanced Placement classes make our school desirable. However, not everyone understands...

Athlete of the Month: Jake Kinney

Athlete of the Month: Jake Kinney

by Alethea Jadick, News Manager February 15, 2017

Name: Jake Kinney Sport: Hockey Grade: 12 Why is he athlete of the month: Kinney is captain of the high school hockey team along with assistant captains Leo Pawlika, Peter Cassidy, and Colin...

Healthy items from your fridge are a great substitute for expensive facial care products. Simple face mask recipes can be found everywhere and are easy and inexpensive to make.

These face masks are bananas

by Alethea Jadick, News Manager January 20, 2017

The stress of midterms and harsh cold winds may thrash at our skin, but we can turn to household items to help maintain healthy skin. With every passing day there seems to be a new facial trend that sends...

Students competing in DECA competitions are required to present their topic and ideas to a judge. This role-play scenario is supposed to mirror a realistic business meeting.

DECA club gets down to business

by Alethea Jadick, News Manager January 11, 2017

Three-thousand students from North Jersey flocked to Ramapo College for the regional DECA competition that was held there on Monday, Jan. 9. Fifty-five of these students represented the Glen Rock...

Posters hanging in the cafeteria stress the importance of adding vegetables to your every day diet. Similar posters advocate for other healthy foods to look out for like fruit, and subbing dark chocolate for other types of sweets.

Food for thought, revamping cafeteria standards

by Alethea Jadick, News Manager December 19, 2016

What is the difference between a candy bar and a cookie? In the minds of most students the answer is unclear, both snacks are sweet treats, but is one really more unhealthy than the other? As the...

Donald J Trump, President-elect of the United States for 2016 captivated his followers with his radical ideas and propositions. Trump will be signed into office on Friday, January 20.

An elephantine win for Republicans

by Alethea Jadick, News Manager November 29, 2016

Donald J. Trump defied all American polls and the popular vote this November to become the President-elect. Although adamant Clinton supporters refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election, Trump...

As the year goes on students participating in the exchange will receive numerous letters similar to this one. The program is unique because students are required to hand write letters, not email them.

French classes correspond with students overseas

by Alethea Jadick, News Manager November 3, 2016

The French Club is corresponding with students overseas to increase cultural exchange and the reading and writing abilities of students. The club has been writing to students attending the Blaise Pascal...

Students look forward to pep-rally

Students look forward to pep-rally

by Alethea Jadick, News Manager October 14, 2016

Homecoming week brings pep and spirit to the halls, but nothing excites students more than the school wide pep-rally held at the end of the week. After the thrill of decorating hallways is over students...

If you arent sure if youre a true sushi fan yet, a cucumber avocado roll, and tempura sweet potato roll is exactly what you need. These basic rolls and as simple as it gets when it comes to sushi, but they also pack in a large amount of flavor and will keep you full.

The 10 best spots for seniors out to lunch

by Alethea Jadick, News Manager September 27, 2016

Seniors going out to lunch should not feel limited to a quick slice at John's Boy or a sandwich on the go from home. There are tons of other fun, close, and cheap places to eat near school, and all of...

Artwork in the courtyard done by AP History students and Ms. Seigels art classes.

Meaningful art livens courtyard

by Alethea Jadick, Staff Writer June 16, 2016

While most students are busy cramming for finals, Mrs. Kathleen Walters AP U.S. History students and Ms. Mara Siegel's art classes are spending their time creating poignant artwork in the courtyard. Over...

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