Homecoming and hip hop festival scheduled for the same weekend


Rolling Loud will take place at Citi Field.

by Alex Vicinanza, Social Media Manager (Snapchat)

With the school year in full swing, students often find themselves having to decide between two different activities on their schedule.

On Friday, all grades will participate in the annual school pep rally. The homecoming parade takes place on Saturday morning at 11:30. The parade will immediately be followed by the Glen Rock football team facing off against Lodi at the high school. The night concludes with the homecoming dance.

For many students, it is an easy decision to attend at least one homecoming event. Others have a difficult decision to make. 

This coming weekend is also the date for Rolling Loud. Rolling Loud is a two-day hip hop festival. Rolling Loud started in 2016, in Miami. The festival has quickly drawn a lot of attention and is now the largest hip-hop festival in the world. 

In July, Rolling Loud announced that they would be heading to New York. Many hip-hop fans immediately knew they wanted to go.

Junior, Jack Randazzo, said, “I was stoked. I’m excited that it’s close to home and I don’t have to travel far for the festival”.

When the festival released the lineup of performers, nobody expected Rolling Loud to be on the same weekend of homecoming. Many football players and cheerleaders were excited to go to Rolling Loud, but because they have the parade and game, they can’t go.

Glen Rock quarterback, Ty Scherer, said “I was really hoping to go to Rolling Loud. It was something I was looking forward to. But so is the homecoming football game and I always put my team first”. 

Other players chose the festival over the homecoming weekend events. Marteen Mwangi, a junior who plays on the football team, has dreamed of going to Rolling Loud. Rap music has always influenced him for the better and it helps him deal with a lot of things going on in life.

 “When the tickets were released, I bought mine within minutes. I later realized that the homecoming game was the same weekend.  I told my coach that I would like to go to Rolling Loud and thankfully he understood,” Mwangi said.