Sophomore starts new club to help people with disabilities


Photo Credit: Tara Lagattuta

Sophie Moore (club member), Ana Lindley (club member), and Alaina Phelan (vice president) are all excited for the startup of the Best Buddies club.

by Tara Lagattuta, Staff Writer

Sophomore Emma Goshin and English teacher Ashley Yancy created a club called Best Buddies, which is still waiting on approval by the Board of Education.

Best Buddies is a national, non-profit organization that focuses on social inclusion for people with disabilities. Most branches of this club pair someone from the Best Buddies club with someone who has a disability, so they can spend quality time and foster relationships. However, for the Best Buddies club in Glen Rock High School, they plan to have a promoter chapter, meaning that they will fundraise during the year to raise money for the organization.

Emma Goshin was inspired to start this club in Glen Rock because her mom works for the Best Buddies organization, and Goshin has a great passion for it. She approached Yancy as a potential advisor because she recognized her caring personality in English class last year. She then learned that Yancy was very involved in Best Buddies during college at Lehigh University. This seemed to be a perfect fit for the club, and both are excited to start it up once it is approved.

“The overall mission is to be a positive influence in these people’s lives and to help them realize their full potential, in addition to developing these close relationships,” Yancy said.

Best Buddies still has a lot of planning to do for the year, but until it is approved and hosts its first meeting, the club will not be able to plan activities and fundraising just yet. Many people are already signed up to join the club, and sophomore Emma Goshin holds the president position while sophomore Alaina Phelan holds the vice president position.