Freshman elections to take place

Presidential candidate Caitlin OBrien beside her campaign posters hung in the freshman hallway

Presidential candidate Caitlin O’Brien beside her campaign posters hung in the freshman hallway

by David Viggiano

Approaching Glen Rock High School’s ninth grade class are the elections for freshmen student council offices, with positions of president, vice president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and treasurer in competition.

A freshman breakfast will take place on September 27, 2016. During this event, the candidates will deliver speeches regarding their campaigns. Ms. Jenna Dunay and Ms. Ashley Yancy are supervising the candidates as advisers, while Lauren Amram, Caitlin O’Brien, Colin Consoli, Asha Shetler, Joan Paek, and Sarah Nebbia are the candidates in competition.

“For the freshmen, it’s always tough, trying to come out and be part of a leadership position,” said Yancy, a first year freshman and sophomore English teacher. “I’m really happy with the turnout, as we have multiple people running for each position.”

The freshmen receive less time to campaign and prepare than the older grades, with the elections being in September as opposed to June. However, students seem to be able to efficiently take advantage of the week anyway. Additionally, the majority of ninth graders are familiar with each other after three years of middle school together, and some candidates do have experience with contributing to the school and student council.

Either way, the results of the election are for time to tell, as the competitors do differentiate themselves in their methods of carrying out important goals. These methods would take effect if they were to be placed in office.

Yancy did predict some uniqueness in council actions based on the results.

“I think all of the candidates have common goals,” she said, “and while they have a lot of things in common, they also have different styles and ways of going about it, so I think the results of the election could steer our class into different directions.”

While no candidate seems to surpass others in qualifications, particular candidates do emphasize the variation of previous experience in office.

Lauren Amram, the class’s eighth grade student council president, believes her experience would assist her if she were elected.

“I have experience being on the student council, being responsible for all the meetings, and being able to handle everything well,” Amram said.

She has also learned that the key to being a good president is being a good representative. She went on to deliver her plan.

“I want to hear from what everyone else in the class needs and wants, and then I will be everyone’s voice,” Amram said.

Colin Consoli, a vice presidential candidate, has been placing posters throughout the halls and advertising his campaign directly to his classmates.

“It would be nice to have a lot more time,” Consoli said, “but the time they give us is reasonable.”

Voting will take place following the freshman breakfast. If you are a freshman, be aware of the upcoming event and make an educated decision knowing how the outcome will affect your student body.