Student newspaper staff shows spirit for National Journalism Day


Photo Credit: Carter Stansel

Shirts were sold in the Hamilton Lobby on Monday, Nov. 16 to support National Journalism Day and awareness of The Glen Echo, the student newspaper.

by Carter Stansel, Staff Writer

Schools across the nation celebrated National Journalism Day on Nov. 17. Glen Rock had its own way of marking the occasion.

Glen Rock students wore shirts supporting their school’s online newspaper, The Glen Echo, the platform on which this article is published. The shirts are long sleeve and vintage red. They read: ‘We Have Issues/The Glen Echo/Glen Rock High School’ on the front and include the newspaper’s URL and social media handle on the back.

The shirts were sold to students on Monday, Nov. 16 in the Hamilton lobby after school. The shirts sold for $15 dollars each. Students were told to wear their shirts the next day for National Journalism Day. Many students were seen wearing the shirts then and days after.

“The color is very appealing, and also the saying ‘We Have Issues’ is certainly going to generate interest,” English teacher and former Journalism teacher Mr. John Milsovic said about the shirts.

The current Journalism teacher and adviser, Mr. Jason Toncic, provided Milsovic and other teachers in the English department with shirts.

Milsovic taught journalism for seven out of his 18 years of teaching, three years as co-advisor to the paper, and four years at the head of the paper. While teaching in Pennsylvania, he co-advised the school paper.

“What I enjoyed the most was just working with students after school,” Milsovic said about his years teaching journalism. He clocked over 3,000 hours after school with students working on the paper.

Milsovic and many others were unaware that Tuesday, Nov. 17 was National Journalism Day. The Glen Echo hopes to increase awareness of the date in years to come.

If you are interested in purchasing a shirt to support The Glen Echo, please contact Mr. Toncic in person or at [email protected]  Arrangements can be made to make the shirts available to anyone interested.