Dan Frissora’s Top 10 Places to Eat

by Dan Frissora, Food Critic

10. Cafeteria food

I just wrote about the simplicity of a chicken patty, some quality food in the cafeteria. Known for being inexpensive, convenient, and tasty, cafeteria food still comes in last place for the top 10 foods I critiqued, as the food critic.

9. KFC

I specifically focused on the Double Down. To sum things up, the Double Down isn’t very healthy, although there are plenty of unhealthier items out there in the Fast Food World. The Double Down is a sandwich with chicken breasts instead of bread, with bacon and special sauce in between. Although I would highly recommend it, KFC still falls to the back of the power rankings, so to speak.

8. Friendly’s

Although I enjoyed Friendly’s food and customer service, they still get the 8th spot on the list. Despite the low ranking, they have plenty of excellent options to choose from for a main course, followed by endless combinations of ice cream from which to pick.

7. Turvino’s Pizzeria

Turvino’s is definitely overshadowed in Glen Rock by John’s Boy and Francesca’s, but it is not to be forgotten as it has some quality pizza, pasta, subs, chicken fingers, wings, just about anything one could want at a pizzeria to make it worthwhile. Turvino’s takes the 7 spot on this list.

6. Shake Shack

Although I did enjoy Shake Shack, it was definitely missing that element I needed to earn the number one burger spot on the list. The burgers were good, but not quite there. For example, the bacon burger was loaded with red hot peppers, which outweighed the good taste of the bacon I was hoping for. Some of those I interviewed also believe it is a little bit expensive for the quality of food they are purchasing. Despite all this, their shakes are very good, and they also have a convenient water spout in the middle of the restaurant, which is not common in other restaurants. I didn’t have to ask the cashier for a cup of water, and get a look as I received a baby-sized cup filled with tap water. At Shake Shack, I got a decently sized plastic cup at the counter, and I could fill it up as I pleased.

5. Trackside Deli

Despite being the third sandwich shop in about a 500 foot radius, takes the 5 spot on the top 10 restaurants I reviewed. I really enjoyed their chicken and gravy, with Muenster cheese. I also ordered one of those classic, large deli cookies, which are very good. Trackside Deli is a great place to enjoy lunch and convenient if you need to get on the train right after.

4. Gianella’s Delicatessen

Although Trackside Deli is good, Gianella’s is just a little bit better. Their Tony Montana may be the best things you can order in Glen Rock. It puts chicken, French fries, and mozzarella sticks all on a sandwich. Although it is a little expensive, it is definitely worth it for the quality of the food you are getting. Gianella’s also has cookies, including chocolate chip, sprinkles, M&M, and many more.

3. Gotham City Diner

One of my favorite local diners, Gotham City Diner, takes the three spot. Although it is a little difficult to get to due to the chaos on Broadway, it’s definitely worth the trip. I have been there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and enjoyed it every time. I’ve gotten omelets, burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, quesadillas, chicken and ribs, and each one is better than the next. That is why Gotham City takes the 3 spot in the top 10.

2. Steak N’ Shake

I wrote recently about Steak N’ Shake, and how they have great burgers, with free fries, and great milkshakes, all for a low price. The setup is nice, the staff is cooperative, and even though it is a little out of the way, my overall experience there was a good one. It is one of the better burger joints I’ve been to recently, and is the runner-up in today’s contest.

1. Boagie’s Hoagies

I honestly think I could have a CBR, Chicken Bacon Ranch, every day for the rest of my life, and I’d be satisfied. Even though I would probably be overweight, that’d be okay. Besides the CBR, which may be the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten, there other sandwiches are equally enjoyable; the CBR is just a personal favorite. Additionally, half of a sandwich at Boagie’s is the same price as half a sandwich at other sandwich shops. However, half of a sandwich at Boagie’s it the same size as a whole sandwich at other sandwich shops. That is why Boagie’s wins, and gets the #1 spot on this list.