Student-teacher talent show line-up sure to entertain


Sophomore class officer, Juliana Roddy, practices Zumba with faculty members: Ms. Lesley Breuer, Ms. Rochelle Forstot, Ms. Kirsys Guevarez, and Ms. Marisa Davitt. The Zumba dance was choreographed by Ms. Breuer.

by Courtney Schmitt, Staff Writer

An old tradition is returning to Glen Rock High School: the Student-Teacher Talent Show.

The original Teacher Talent show ended a few years ago, as the class that came up with the idea had graduated and no class took over the tradition.

Yet thanks to the hardworking student council of the Class of 2016, however, this event will once again make its appearance.

“A few years ago they did a talent show that raised a lot of money and inspired us to do our own to benefit our class and the Make a Wish Foundation,” explained Kaitlin Stansel, a sophomore and Class of 2016’s Treasurer.

The talent show is open to both teachers and students who wish to be in a group performing together, according to Stansel.

“We were deciding between opening up to the whole school or just sophomores to perform,” she said. “If you have any interest we can find a place for you.”

Talent shows are a great way for people to showcase a wide range of skills. Some teachers, though, claimed to be unable to perform for various reasons. “I have no specific talent,” said one such teacher.

Yet many of our teachers prepare themselves to perform – with the lineup for this year’s talent show including performances by the math department, the history department, Mr. Kurz, Mr. Arlotta, Ms. Resnick, and the Zumba group of Ms. Breuer, Ms. Forstot, Ms. Guevarez, and Ms. Davitt.  Many of these faculty members have put in long hours to prepare for the big night.

Students are excited for what is to come. “Walter and Mr. Kurz are going to be some great acts,” said Kelly Streaser, the newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief and an excited senior.

There were, though, some problems that the Class of 2016 ran into during the planning phases.

“It was a little different to find a date at first because of sports, spring theatre. At first it was hard to find teachers willing to participate because they had a little stage fright going by themselves,” said Juliana Roddy, the Class of 2016’s Corresponding Secretary.

The new and improved Student-Teacher Talent Show will premiere on Wednesday, March 12th at 7:00 p.m. in the High School auditorium.

“I feel like if it’s as big of a success as it’s been in the past, then we will continue to do it until we graduate in 2016,” Roddy said.