Glowcoming Comes Back To Haunt Us


Photo Credit: Sondra Nieradka & Anna Lis

After three months of silence, the infamous Glowcoming dance continues to affect student functions as students enter second half of the school year.

by Nadia Fazal, Advertising Manager

GRHS’ student council members have been forced to get creative after the potential Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day dances were canceled.

The Glowcoming Dance that took place this past October seems to be coming back to haunt the student body. After the actions of a few students at the dance, the administration feels that it is necessary to cancel any future dances for the 2013-2014 school year. This means that the dances planned by junior and senior class student councils, and any planned by the other student councils, are indefinitely canceled.

Susanna Treacy is the Treasurer of the Senior Class Student Council. As someone whose job it is to manage money, these cancelations will be a bit of a setback.

“… It sucks because we have to think of a new way to get money,” Susanna said, expressing her concern.

The senior class still has the annual Cupid’s Café as a fundraising opportunity.

According to Vice President Emily Paddon, the Senior Class Student Council annually raises a lot of money from Cupid’s Café. However, there is still talk of more fundraisers.

“As of now we’re working on doing a spring apparel sale. We’re going to sell tanks, pinnies, mid calves, and shorts,” Emily Paddon said, discussing some future plans for raising money. This will be available to all students according to Emily.

None of these plans are final until the Student Council(s) seal the deal at their next meeting.

After the financial success Glowcoming brought to the school Student Council, BOE Representative Courtney Schmitt seems pretty satisfied. In addition, they still have both the (rescheduled) Powder Puff game and Glenstock.

“We might do more charity stuff, we still have to talk about that,” said Courtney.