The dangers of serotonin sydrome

With recent clamoring toward removing serotonin syndrome from labels, one Glen Echo reporter explains why it should remain.


Could medicine make you ill?

by Raquel Lesser, Political Editor

Serotonin Syndrome is medicine poisoning.

Serotonin Syndrome is caused when one takes or is given two different medicines which cause serotonin levels that are too high. One can get this syndrome through taking SSRIs (anti-depressants), antibiotics, etc.

Serotonin Syndrome causes confusion, twitching, liver failure etc. Serotonin syndrome is fatal. Although people today believe it exists, some maintain that the warning labels on medicines regarding serotonin syndrome should be taken off because there are very few cases.

Harvard Medical School doctor, Dr. Paul Rizzoli said, “We’re not optimistic that FDA will agree and get rid of the warning, which is unfortunate because [the serotonin syndrome warning] causes all sorts of disruptions, including sometimes the patients… thinking the medicine is unsafe.”

If you have or believe you may have serotonin syndrome talk to your doctor for a change of medication. Some cases of serotonin syndrome are, unfortunately, caused by malpractice. Medicines can really help those in need, but there are cases in which medicine can be a bad thing. Sometimes, recipients end up having more problems from the medicine then from they did from their medical condition. Before taking medication, look carefully at the side-effects because, even excluding serotonin syndrome, one’s life can be affected.

As informed by the FDA’s July issue: Potentially life threatening, Serotonin syndrome.