Does Not Compute — Yet


We agree — the computer club is off to a reinvigorated start this year.

by Trevor LaVine, Print Editor-In-Chief

C++ isn’t your grade when you score a 79.99% on a test.

From checking grades and receiving homework assignments to submitting essays, computers and the internet are a very important component in the workings of Glen Rock High School. Despite how large a role computers play, only a small number of students understand how they function.

This year, the renewed computer club aims to remedy that problem. The club, run by Web Design teacher Mr. Kroft, Senior Sawyer Geffer, and with help (in the form of coding instruction) from Junior Jeremy Winter, meets every Wednesday in D113.

“No experience is necessary.” said Jeremy. “Anyone who has the slightest interest in computers is welcome to join. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.”

The club will teach students topics ranging from coding in C + + and JavaScript to creating Flash Animations. Members of the club will learn not only software and programming, but also hardware (how computers actually work) as well.

The club’s membership this year exceeds the membership from any other previous years much to the surprise (and delight) of its leaders. Although it is difficult to keep the club’s newly acquired large population on the same page, Jeremy said that he will teach members how to code and write programs, while Sawyer will specialize in animations.

Junior Sasha Frangulov, a member of the club, said, “The computer club is so awesome it’s almost too hard to cope with.” Many other members confirmed this sentiment.

Sawyer said, “We want to have made a basic video game by the end of the year, or at least a mod for an existing game.”

Whatever the club accomplishes, Sawyer assured The Glen Echo that “[e]veryone will learn something useful.”