Turvino’s Pizzeria Review


Praising its “piping hot pizza” and delicious subs, Dan Frissora reviews Turvino’s Pizzeria.

Everyone knows that pizza is a big deal here in our small town of Glen Rock. Many people argue about which pizza place in town is their favorite: Most people choose between the rivaling businesses of John’s Boy and Francesca’s, both on Rock Road. These pizzerias are both very good, but there is one other place which is equally as great, if not better— Turvino’s Pizzeria, on Prospect Road.

Very close to Fair Lawn, Turvino’s is located on the outskirts of town, in Glen Rock, NJ. They have some very good food. Starting off with their pizza, which comes with many different toppings, ranging from extra cheese, to anchovies, to meat lovers, and plenty more. Their facility is a great place for a sit-down meal, but one can also order for pick-up, or delivery. The pizza they make is always piping hot, with soft crust that just about makes the meal. They’re not just known for their pizza, however.

Turvino’s also makes very tasty subs, of which they have a few different options.

“I always like the chicken-parm sandwich. It’s easy, quick, and convenient to eat,” said Rich Gueren, student at Glen Rock High school.

They also have other foods, if you’re not in the mood for pizza or a sub. They have great pasta, salads, chicken fingers, french-fries, mozzarella sticks, and other appetizers.

“What I like about Turvino’s is even if I’m not in the mood for pizza, I can still get some great chicken fingers, and fries, or even buffalo wings,” said GRHS junior, TJ Begg.

Although John’s Boy and Francesca’s make very good pizza, Turvino’s is not to be forgotten. Eating there was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great meal and a good time.

The rating:  3.5 Stars