She Demolished Our Expectations

Miley Cyrus has clearly and intentionally shed her innocent image — but to what end?


Not that innocent? Miley Cyrus seems to be following other teen stars with the destruction of her iconic purity, but is this impromptu lashing out or a planned business decision?

by Kelly Streaser, Editor-in-Chief

America’s favorite pop star is running around scantily clad, licking construction tools, and swinging on demolition machinery.

This was a change that nobody could have seen coming back in 2006 when Miley Cyrus first starred in the Disney Channel original series Hannah Montana. But in the seven intervening years since the show first premiered, Cyrus has gone from being a role model for young girls everywhere, to being the person that parents fear their children turning into.

But, somehow, her new tactic has succeeded in skyrocketing her popularity.

Miley Cyrus already has heads turning with her song and video for We Can’t Stop, in which she makes casual references to drug use and is depicted wearing very little clothing. That was certainly a hard act to follow, but this did not deter Cyrus.

Her recently released music video for the song Wrecking Ball received 12.3 million views in the 24-hours after it was released, breaking Vevo’s most viewed record, according to NY Daily News.  Both We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball have been extremely popular in the short time since they have been released and have people downloading more of Miley.

Although it is clear that her songs are gaining popularity, does that necessarily mean that her image is as well?

Many people are disgusted by how Miley has been carrying herself recently. The controversy is clear, with people arguing for both sides.

Senior GRHS student, Susanna Treacy, has an opinion of why Miley is acting out, saying, “She’s going through the ‘my childhood stunk’ phase. She’s got to stop, her childhood was awesome.”

On the other hand, student Olivia Ryan said, “I think that Miley’s style change is something that we all go through, it’s just that she is going through it in the limelight.” In response to the negativity some people have been expressing, Olivia said, “I don’t like how people shame her for being promiscuous because she can do whatever she wants.”

Similarly, student Margaret Ray added, “I still love Miley.”

You may love Cyrus’ new style, or you may think it is repulsing — but you cannot deny the striking changes she has gone through in the years since her days on Disney Channel ended.

Miley Cyrus came in like a ‘wrecking ball’ with the way she has been acting lately. And though she has revealed a lot more of herself than is necessary, there is one question that still remains: What will she do next?