GRHS Multicultural Festival


Drawing students to the courtyard to try foods from various cultures, the GRHS Multicultural Festival continued its tradition and pleased students for yet another year.

by Anna Lis, Feature Editor

Glen Rock High School was with bustling with excitement on the 24th of April due to the multicultural festival.

Nothing is more of a Glen Rock classic than the multicultural festival. The smell of foreign foods (especially Asian candies) filled the courtyard this year. Besides being a great excuse to sit outside and spend time with your friends in the beautiful spring weather, it’s a great opportunity to learn about new cultures in a fun environment.

The learning is different from your typical language class; it provides sides of the culture that you would never to get to experience otherwise. Erica Melz, a junior, who is a member of the Spanish Club, said, “The festival is a great place to learn all about different cultures!”

This year, the festival featured new cultures. Junior Emily Eichorn said that they were “expanding to more cultures this year,” and then added, “Irish dancing! Indian dancing!”

The expansion will hopefully continue for the next years by adding new cultures. The festival certainly continues to be the ultimate crowd pleaser.