Ruzzle: Mobile Mayhem


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Google Play

Drawing users with an updated interface, Ruzzle improves on all aspects of the game Scramble with Friends.

by Dean Sponholz, Business Manager

The advancement of mobile phones has transformed them into convenient and simple gaming devices; the most recent of this example is the free application called Ruzzle.

Ruzzle is a recent mobile game on the iOS operating system. It is a hybridization of the popular board games Scrabble and Boggle. It shares a similar layout with another game called Scramble With Friends (which has fallen off the map). The player starts out with 16 letters arranged in a 4×4 pattern, placed in a random order.

The object of the game is to use these letters to construct the most words one can. The player faces off against an opponent in 3 separate rounds, each match providing more opportunities for higher scores. The player can play against users on their friend list (which can be synched with Facebook) or with other users around the world, which provides the player with plenty of game play opportunities. The game imrpoves upon the previously dysfunctional characteristics of Scramble With Friends, as it approaches the game with an entirely simpler approach. There are no powerups and no ways to cheat. The player can also keep track of their stats and create their own individualized avatar.

Once in a blue moon, a game comes out for smart phones that leaves other games in its dust and becomes the face of the gaming aspect of smartphones. Examples abound: Angry Birds, Doodle Jump etc. The game Ruzzle possesses these rare characteristics. It is one of those games that is extremely fun (yet addictive), and I personally recommend it to all smartphone users.