Interact Club Gives Cheer for Thanksgiving


Held at the local community church, Interact Club’s Thanksgiving Dinner provided a meal for battered women and local children.

by Raquel Lesser, Food Critic

This Thanksgiving, the Interact club helped battered women and children by giving them their own Thanksgiving dinner. Interact is a club that does charity work; the Interact club holds this event every year.   The dinner was held at a hall in the community church. They served a typical Thanksgiving dinner such as turkey and pies and other delicious treats. There was a decent turn-out with 33 women and 31 children. The children’s ages ranged from one through sixteen.

Many surprises appeared at this Thanksgiving dinner, such as gifts for each woman. Usually the gift contained a beauty product. The children also received a gift, too. There also is a special guest that appears yearly: the one-and-only Santa Claus.

Interact club members worked at the kitchen to help make and distribute the meal. Before the guests enter the hall, the Interact club decorates the hall, beautifully, making the place seem livelier. The Interact club also plays with the children, brightening their day.

Mrs. Brolsma, the adviser, said, “We couldn’t do it without the help of a lot of people.”

For instance, without the community church there would be no hall — and the patrons of the church donate a lot of items, too. Glen Rock-Ridgewood Rotary Club provided bus services. The Academy of Our Lady baked apple pies. Furthermore, a lot of the food was donated by businesses in town such as Rocca, Glen Rock Inn, and Dunkin Donuts.

Citizens donated turkey and ham, and the members of the football team peeled the potatoes. They all deserve a huge thank you for making this happen especially since the delay caused by the storm. There should also be a thanks for the kids who participated and for Mrs. Brolsma who has run Interact for years.

If you are interested in joining the Interact club and participating in future events, please contact Mrs. Brolsma.