Glen Rock HS: Fielding a Winner


Photo Credit: Eleanor Shaw

by Kelly Streaser, Advertising Manager

          It is the early spring at Glen Rock High School. So far, April showers have not brought May flowers, just more rain. All outdoor Games are cancelled for the day, and unless this rain stops right now, they won’t happen tomorrow either. Once the field dries up (probably weeks later) it still doesn’t really look safe with its pot holes, and uneven surface. If only we had a nice turf field that would not be destroyed by rain.  This is slowly becoming a reality for the people of Glen Rock.

          This field will be a tremendous improvement from our current field situation. It will allow teams to play even when there is bad weather, which we can all agree is a pretty typical occurrence in North Jersey. Anyone who has ever played an outdoor sport at Glen Rock High School can attest to the fact that weather is one of the biggest obstacles that you must face during your season. But with the field, this would not be such a huge problem, because our fields will have proper drainage systems.

The new facilities will also attract more fans. Many people would not want to come to a crumby field and sit in its wobbly bleachers for hours at a time to watch a sporting event. But if it were a beautiful new facility, with nice new bleachers, people may tend to stick out a few hours in the extreme cold or heat.

Another advantage of the field is that it is a better representation of our town to visiting schools and athletes. Glen Rock is a very nice town and Glen Rock High School is a very prestigious school, yet our sport facilities have never reflected this. It’s painful to think that when sport teams come to play a game at our school they might think, “Oh no we’re playing in Glen Rock? Their field stinks.” We want people visiting our town to be impressed and to love being here. The new fields will help us achieve such reactions.

There may be people who are bitter over what the construction has interfered with, but in the end it will all be worth it. Our old fields were completely outdated and even dangerous at times. An improvement was well overdue. The new turf fields will be a great addition to Glen Rock High School, which is something that we can all appreciate.